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Existing Issues - Aesthemic - 11-09-2017

Development Issues

None right now

Textual Issues

None right now.

Upcoming Features

Turn Features On and Off

I need to work on the controls for turning the bot on and off in case the bot ever needs to be disabled for maintenance purposes. This would allow for a mod or admin to stop the bot temporarily, and then resume it once the issues has been resolved without having to take the entire thing offline. The idea would also be able to disable specific features while still having other things work. For example, if there was an issue with a specific question, you would be able to disable that quest until the issue is resolved.

Help Menu

The plan is to have an in-game simplified help menu with links out to resources on the forums. Players would be able to view a menu of options and get basic instructions with a link to the forums for more advanced help.

Random Item Stat Generation

Currently working on a method to store individual stats for individual items that have the ability to have randomly-rolled stats. This will be applied to most weapons and armor in the game while consumables will generally be static. There may also be specific types of weapons and armor that have specific stats that cannot be changed. Will need a way to properly document and enable players to select which particular item they are referencing when equipping, removing, storing, or withdrawing an item as well as when performing a trade.

The idea is to give each item a unique ID, based on a flag set on the item. If the item is a unique item, i.e. the stats are entirely static, then it will have a flag and a specific ID to that item. However, if an item can have different stats, it will be flagged differently and will have a different pool of IDs. When the game generates an item, it will also have to know what flag the item has. As a result, item names will be entirely unique, but the IDs will be used when that specific flag is used so it can differentiate which version of that item you're referencing with those specific stats.

Randomly dropped items or purchased items that can have random stats will be generated at the time of receiving them and will remain like that unless altered by in-game features such as blacksmithing or enchanting.

Inventory System

For the character's inventory, the idea is to have an on-character inventory which has limited space and a storage system which can be accessed in town. In storage, the player will have a nearly endless supply of items, but it will be a bit more difficult to keep track of what they have. I am planning to output their storage via some sort of link that the bot will pass to them to view the entirety of their storage while their inventory is viewed in game. As a result, a player could have hundreds of items in storage, but only a specific number of items they are carrying.

Currently looking to use something like Pastebin to pass the results through an API. Would export the file from mIRC and activate code on the hosting machine to upload the file somewhere and return a URL if at all possible. Not entirely sure how this is going to work, but I believe it might be possible to achieve, otherwise I am not entirely sure how I will achieve this. May need to host the bot on a machine where some files are accessible. Could be at inventory.tbrpg.digitalcyon.com for the time being, with the URL being specific to the player requesting it. It would be a pain to somehow protect this information from others and make storage publicly accessible though, unless I randomize the name of the file.

Turn-Based System

Development on the turn-based system for combat will be started on soon. Will provide more information once the actual code begins to take shape. Combat will involve melee, ranged, magical, and skill-based actions in addition to defending, attempting to flee combat, and changing your fighting position (front row or back row). Characters will also be able to use items (including NPCs).