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Forum Launch
I have recently decided to launch the forum for the TBRPG project as a way to share information on the project and get feedback from anyone testing or working on it. While I don't expect the forums to be widely used, they will serve as a way to communicate information in a way that is easier to access than conveying it through IRC.

Bug Reports

While I am using Mantis to handle development issues, I am going to have bug reports posted on the forums. This will ensure that I can insert the issues into the bug tracker in a way where its easy to reference. Once an issue has been submitted, I will check it to confirm the issue and then either resolve it then and there if the fix requires less than five minutes, or place it into the bug tracker. When a bug is confirmed and resolved, I will close the topic. Additional similar issues would need to be posted in their own thread.


To prevent some of the issues we had with displaying information with previous projects, I have opted to provide information about the game either via these forums or through some sort of Wiki. This would enable me to share information about the project and about any games made from the project in an easy format. I'll spend some time messing around with Wiki software to see if there is a great way for me to add items, enemies, and etc. in a standard format.


For people testing the project or any games that are a result of the project, I want there to be a means to provide feedback. This could be on ideas for new content within the game, changes to existing content to improve upon it, or ideas for new features or changes to the actual engine. These would be things that are not bugs, but would be ideas for improving upon what has already been created.

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