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Navigation and Questing
One of the most important aspects of the bot will be implementing a location and questing system. Unlike previous projects, the idea is for the player to travel through a world as they make progress in the game. The available quests and the types of enemies available when exploring is based on the area where the player is located.

Quests will be flag-based, meaning that accepting a quest will trigger a flag that will indicate that you're in that quest. The flag can change over time as progress is made, ultimately setting a final value when the quest is complete after rewards have been provided to the player.

From a technical standpoint, the idea is to define the location the player is in, where they are able to go to from the location they are in, and what the requirements are for each area as well as information about whether that area is a town, a special quest area, or if they are in an explorable area.

Locations and Quests, while technically being separate systems, are tied together as accepting a quest and turning it in must be done at a specific location.

I'm still working on how the code will be written and the formatting for this information. The concept is to have different stores, NPCs, and other things to do at each location and for players to have to explore the world to be able to find different equipment and other things for sale, though there is of course acquiring items and progression from random drops as well.

Each location will have a location file which contains all of the information about what is available at that location. This will also keep track of locations around them and the requirements to travel to the location indicated by the location file. For example, a certain area might require a level of 10 to be able to reach or require the completion of a total of three quests to be able to reach it.

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