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Experience and Leveling - Aesthemic - 11-10-2017

Previously I have relied on a formula to determine the amount of experience to reach a specific level. This time around, I have hard set the experience required to reach a specific level to prevent some of the same issues I had before with how experience was being handled. Provided below is a glimpse at the values for reference; in-game players will be able to see how much experience they have and how much experience they need to reach the next level. It will entirely be possible to level multiple times from one battle, especially early on, but that would require you to defeat an enemy that is tougher than you're meant to be facing at your level which can happen.

Link to Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cTBbfX1e5oOhmAcFDdRpW0iXZgQqegpEmvlM3sPwM9g/edit?usp=sharing

I determined the experience curve based on how I am planning on determining experience gained from an encounter and trying to figure out how many encounters on average I wanted someone to win for them to reach the next level. There was also a conscious effort to prevent the experience totals from getting too crazy. Even at higher levels, experience gains aren't going to be crazy high.

Maximum level is currently planned to be 255 to allow people to continually improve their character, though it will become more time consuming to level a character on each subsequent level, therefore it is quite likely most players will never max out their character's level. The idea is to appeal to players that want to eventually become an incredibly powerful character; I think the hardest content will be designed with characters around level 120.